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Coast Distributors Ice Displays

Exclusive to Coast is our Auto Self Filling Ice Display. Auto-fill your ice display with out Maestro or Horizon Series Ice Makers. Suitable for salad bars, seafood, vegetable, drinks, meat and poultry displays. Pump ice up to 23m away!


Follett Symphony Series Ice & Water Dispensers: Descaling, Cleaning & Sanitizing

An instructional video on how to maintain your Follett Symphony Series Ice & Water Dispenser. 


Fine Foods 2014 Highlights

Coast attended the Fine Foods 2014 Expo at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Watch the highlights here!  


Ice-O-Matic's Cool School # 2: Intro to Machine Selection

Art Wilson (Ice-O-Matic's Service Technical Manager) explains how to choose the best machine for your application.  


Ice-O-Matic's Cool School # 1: The IOM Difference

IOM have created 'Cool School' to share their knowledge of all things ice. Art Wilson (Ice-O-Matic's Service Technical Manager) explains what differentiates IOM from the competition. 


Automatic Fish Deck Filling

Automatically fill your Fish Deck overnight with Folletts' new RIDE (Remote Ice Delivery Equipment) Technology! A system that saves time and money!


Follett 7 and 15 Series Ice & Water Dispensers

Perfect for high end kitchens, offices, hospitals, fast food stores, boardrooms, coffee kiosks and reception foyers. Available in countertop, undercounter and freestanding. 

Folletts' Ice Pro 

Learn how to increase your store's profits by bagging your own ice with Ice Pro!


Follett R.I.D.E 

Remote Ice Delivery Equipment.

ONLY Follett Ice Machines can automatically transport ice through a tube with RIDE technology - from up to 23 metres away!

Follett Jug Filler

Easily and quickly dispense Chewblet or cube ice into 5L or 10L jugs. Ideal for applications where workers take jugs or coolers for hydration in jobs such as mining.


How to change ice bags on Folletts' Ice Pro!

Learn how to quickly and safely change the ice bags on Follett's Ice Pro Dispensing System - EDB650 and EDB1000 Series. 


Coast at Fine Foods 2013!

Coast Distributors took part in Australia's leading trade event for the Food & Hospitality Industry, from 9th-12th September at Sydney's Exhibition and Convention Centre.


Folletts' Ice Device Vs. Other Bins

Why you should choose the Follett Ice Device!


Folletts' Ice Melt Cup Study 2011

Does Chewblet Ice melt faster than Cube Ice? Follett filled two cups with ice, added soda, and watched them melt.  You will be surprised!