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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO CUSTOMERS: Coast Distributors are actively monitoring the evolving situation regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 and will make decisions and policies based on current information provided from relevant authorities. We are considering the potential social impact by supporting the prevention and/or containment of the situation, and are making every effort to continuously provide the services and products required by our customers. We will continue to look for and implement necessary measures to minimise any impact for our customers whilst protecting the health and wellbeing of our employees. For more information, please contact Coast.
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How Subzero Ice Is Made...

Produced at -9 degrees from a static vertical evaporator. Available as Evaporator Only or Including Refrigeration. Shipboard saltwater model also available. Available in multiple capacities ranging from 400kg up to 50 tonne. Perfect for seafood, meat processing, poultry, supermarkets. chemical and mining applications.  


NEW Horizon Elite by Follett!

The new award-winning Horizon Elite ice machines have a revolutionary new water management design that significantly reduces operating costs and saves water. 


Follett Ice Pro Bagger Benefits 

Why you should choose the Follett Ice Pro Bagger!

Contact your sales rep for an AUD per bag cost price or email sales@coastdistributors.com.au


Coast Distributors Ice Displays

Exclusive to Coast is our Auto Self Filling Ice Display. Auto-fill your ice display with out Maestro or Horizon Series Ice Makers. Suitable for salad bars, seafood, vegetable, drinks, meat and poultry displays. Pump ice up to 23m away!


Automatic Fish Deck Filling

Automatically fill your Fish Deck overnight with Folletts' new RIDE (Remote Ice Delivery Equipment) Technology! A system that saves time and money!


Folletts' Ice Pro 

Learn how to increase your store's profits by bagging your own ice with Ice Pro!


Follett R.I.D.E 

Remote Ice Delivery Equipment.

ONLY Follett Ice Machines can automatically transport ice through a tube with RIDE technology - from up to 23 metres away!

Follett Jug Filler

Easily and quickly dispense Chewblet or cube ice into 5L or 10L jugs. Ideal for applications where workers take jugs or coolers for hydration in jobs such as mining.


How to change ice bags on Folletts' Ice Pro!

Learn how to quickly and safely change the ice bags on Follett's Ice Pro Dispensing System - EDB650 and EDB1000 Series. 


Folletts' Ice Device Vs. Other Bins

Why you should choose the Follett Ice Device!


Folletts' Ice Melt Cup Study 2011

Does Chewblet Ice melt faster than Cube Ice? Follett filled two cups with ice, added soda, and watched them melt.  You will be surprised!