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Why Is My Ice Maker Leaking?

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There is always the possibility of a water leak when owning a commercial ice machine and they should never be ignored. Below are some useful steps on what to do if your ice machine springs a water leak.

1. Determine where the leak is coming from

a. Carefully inspect the area around your ice machine to identify the location of the leak. Avoid any pools of water, in case an electrical hazard is present.

b. Is the leak coming from outside or inside the ice machine?

c. Depending where the leak is coming from will determine who to call to rectify the issue

i. If the leak is outside the ice machine it may be a plumbing issue (e.g. if the leak is coming from behind the shutoff valve).

ii. Anything within the ice machine will require a refrigeration technician.

2. Unplug the ice machine and turn off the water

a. If you turn the water off before unplugging the ice machine you may cause damage to your ice machine.

b. If turning the ice machine off is not an option, try and contain the leak using a container or bucket. Make sure there is no danger to the surrounding area and to those operating the ice machine.



The most common cause of a water leak comes from outside the ice machine. Here are some examples:

- Poor installation where the installer has not secured the ice machine to the water line

- Cracks or breaks in the water line

- Clogged drains

>> If there is a blockage underneath the floor drain, water will not drain properly and overflow, giving the appearance a leak has sprung underneath your ice machine

>> Check to see if anything is blocking your floor drain and clear object (e.g. t-towel).


All these "outside of the machine" issues ARE NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.


Water in the storage bin could be caused by a blocked drain or floor waste. Clear all obstructions.


If you notice your ice machine is making smaller ice cubes or making less ice, you may have an internal water leak. Here are some examples of what can cause an internal water leak:

- Old pipes that have come loose or have worn out

- Faulty or incorrectly installed water pumps

- Water inlet valves that have not been sealed properly

- Condensate drains that are leaking water

- Corrosion of freeze pumps

Components may not be installed correctly, and overtime parts may wear out. A reliable refrigeration technician should be able to diagnose exactly where the leak is coming from. If you need any technical advice, we offer 24/7 technical support for Ice-O-Matic, Follett and Grant ice machines.


DO NOT IGNORE your ice machine if it is leaking water. Be proactive and prevent any costly damages before they occur. If the leak is coming from outside the ice machine, extensive damage can be done to your furniture, floors, walls or food products. Water leaks can also lead to mould growth which is unacceptable in food areas. Do not forget there is also the potential for liability issues, e.g. if someone trips and falls.


1. Have your ice machine installed by a licensed professional

2. Schedule a routine preventative maintenance with a refrigeration technician (every 6-12 months)

>> They should be able to prevent any potential leaks from occurring by identifying any parts that need replacing before they fail

3. Organise a routinely check of water lines and drainage points with a plumber

4. Keep drainage points unobstructed

Coast has the ability to provide you with technical assistance 24/7! 

Please phone the service department on (02) 9524 1234 (option 2) or email service@coastdistributors.com.au

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