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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO CUSTOMERS: Coast Distributors are actively monitoring the evolving situation regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 and will make decisions and policies based on current information provided from relevant authorities. We are considering the potential social impact by supporting the prevention and/or containment of the situation, and are making every effort to continuously provide the services and products required by our customers. We will continue to look for and implement necessary measures to minimise any impact for our customers whilst protecting the health and wellbeing of our employees. For more information, please contact Coast.
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Follett 7 & 15 Series Restart Cleaning - 5 Things to Check

If you are putting a machine back into service after a period of non-use, it needs to be cleaned and sanitized. Prior to this, there are 5 things to inspect on the ice machine: 1 - The Evaporator, 2 - Water Reservoir, 3. Drain & Feed Tube, 4. Ice Hopper & 5, The Condenser. If biofilm or scale is found in the first four of these, additional cleaning will be required. Please see the other Follett Service Videos for additional instruction.

Follett's Ice Transport System Vs Ice Device

ITS or DEV - Which Follett ice bin system is right for you? This video highlights the features of each ice storage and transport system and how to select the right one for your needs!

Follett 7 and 15 Series Ice & Water Dispensers

Perfect for high end kitchens, offices, hospitals, fast food stores, boardrooms, coffee kiosks and reception foyers. Available in countertop, undercounter and freestanding. Follett's 15 Series Ice & Water Dispenser is NOW AVAILABLE WITH CHILLED SPARKLING WATER & CHILLED STILL WATER!

Fine Foods Australia 2019 Highlights

See our highlights from the Fine Food Australia 2019 Expo in Sydney! The show went over 4 days , 9th - 12th September at the ICC Sydney. With over thousands of visitors it was another great successful year! A huge amount of interest in the NEW Follett Sparkling Water & Ice Dispenser, as well as the Elevation Series by Ice-O-Matic! 


Fine Foods Australia 2018 Highlights

See our highlights from the Fine Foods 2018 Expo in Melbourne! The show went over 4 days , 10th - 13th September at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. With over thousands of visitors it was another great successful year!


Follett Ice Bins

Providing your customer with cleaner, better tasting ice! A continuous turnover optimises ice quality - first ice in, first ice out!


NEW Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series

Introducing a unique feature of the Elevation Series Cube Ice Makers. The Food Zone makes it possible to keep the ice machine cleaner longer and allows for easy wipe-downs between service calls. Plus, all the parts are dishwasher safe for effortless sanitation!


Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series Cleaning

How to descale and sanitise your Elevation Series Ice Maker. Exclusively from Ice-O-Matic!


Symphony Plus and Maestro Plus Fill/Purge Solenoid Replacement

How to replace the fill/purge solenoid on Follett Maestro Plus 425 series ice machine


Symphony Plus and Maestro Plus Fan/Motor Replacement

How to replace the fan and fan motor on Follett Maestro Plus 425 series ice machine.


Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine Cleaning and Maintenance

How to clean and maintain your Ice-O-Matic Machine! 


Symphony Plus Cleaning, Descaling and Sanitizing Video

Instructional video demonstrating the procedure for cleaning, descaling and sanitizing Follett's Symphony Plus Ice & Water Dispensers. 


How To Use Follett's SensorSAFE Ice & Water Dispensing

Follett's infrared SensorSAFE technology brings a new level of sanitation and convenience to ice dispensing. No contact between cup and equipment means less chance of cross-contamination. Available for all Follett Symphony Plus dispensers.


Ice-O-Matic Elevation Launch and Fine Foods 2017 Highlights

On the 10th September 2017 Coast held the Australian Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series Product Launch at The Calyx in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. The launch was then followed by the Fine Foods Expo at the new Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre. Both events were a success and we look forward to next years show in Melbourne!


NEW Follett Symphony Plus Series

Follett ice and water dispensers allow you to provide fresh, filtered water with the added benefit of Chewblet nugget ice. The New Symphony Plus models are designed with sanitation in mind. Now includes automatic self-flushing of the ice machine removing any impurities.

Perfect for hospitals, aged care facilities, break rooms and cafeterias.


Fine Foods 2016 Highlights

See our highlights from the Fine Foods 2016 Expo in Melbourne! The show went over 4 days , 12th - 15th September at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. With over thousands of visitors it was another great successful year!


Introducing the NEW O3-Matic Ozone Delivery System 

The groundbreaking device from Ice-O-Matic infuses ozone into the incoming water line instead of using light systems or air movement devices that distribute the ozone around the ice machine. Ozonated water then flows through the water path killing microbes on every surface it touches and impeding future growth. It is subsequently frozen into ice. As the ice melts it carries the same sanitation benefits to the storage bin, dispenser and scoop. There are currently no other devices that use water to distribute Ozone.

The award winning O3 – Matic Ozone Delivery System ensures superior beverage quality with its effect against algae, mould, mildew, yeast, bacteria growth and viruses.

Suitable for modular cube ice makers only.