Maestro Self-Contained Ice Maker



Flake Ice. 
Produces up to 193kg of ice per day. 
Includes bin capacity of 34kg of ice.  
Self contained undercounter ice makers producing flake ice. No side clearance required. Air is drawn in and exhausted from the front.
Suitable for medical and foodservice applications, such as blood banks, clinical labs and fresh ice displays for fish or fruit and vegetables. 
Warranty: 3 years parts & labour. 
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  • UFE425A Maestro Flake Self Contained Ice Maker


    • Produces up to 193kg of ice.
    • Stores 34kg of ice.
    • Flake Ice.

      UFE425A80-PD Maestro Self Contained Flake Ice Maker With Pump Out Drain   Integrate…

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