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Ice Transport Systems

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6 models available. 

Ice Storage Capacity from 174kg up to 1477kg of ice. 

The ITS is perfect for moving flake ice quickly and easily.

The Ice Transport Systems allow for less time transporting ice, giving your staff more time for serving customers. Save employees time and money as well as providing fresh, clean and sanitary ice. Powerful design features makes ice management easier, quicker and safer. There is an elevated bin and cart system and a power hinge door. 

Manufactured in U.S.A 

Warranty: 5 years parts & labour. 

  • ITS500NS Follett Ice Transport System

  • ITS700SG Follett Ice Transport System

  • ITS1350SG Follett Ice Transport System

  • ITS2250SG Follett Ice Transport System

  • ITS3250SG Foleltt Ice Transport System