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Modular Cube Ice Makers

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Several models available. 
Ice production ranges from 132kg up to 776kg of ice per day. 
The exclusive, groundbreaking design discharges hot air from both the side and the top of every Elevation Series unit, making it the ultimate solution for tight spaces regardless of air flow requirements. The Elevation range is designed to simplify life. Up to 20% more energy efficient, produces less heat, features BPA-free snap-in/snap out dishwasher safe components and a plastic food zone eliminates hard to clean nooks and crannies. The exclusive dual exhaust feature increases installation flexibility and reduces the potential of obstructed exhaust. 
Perfect for restaurants, bubble tea stores, cafes, clubs, pubs, bagging, hotels, convenient stores, fast-food chains and supermarkets.
Manufactured in U.S.A 
Warranty: 3 years parts & labour, 5 years on evaporator and compressor. 
  • CIM0325 Modular Cube Ice Maker

  • CIM0435 Modular Ice Maker

  • CIM0525 Modular Cube Ice Maker

  • CIM0635 Modular Ice Maker

  • CIM0825 Modular Cube Ice Maker

  • CIM835GA Modular Ice Maker

  • CIM1125 Modular Cube Ice Maker

  • CIM1135 Modular Ice Maker

  • CIM1545 Modular Ice Maker

  • CIM1845 Modular Ice Maker