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Symphony Plus Ice & Water Dispensers

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3 models available in multiple configurations. 

Produces up to 186kg of ice per day.
Models include three bin capacities: 5.4kg, 11.4kg and 22.7kg of ice. 

Modular, single ice maker design, utilising the state of the art Maestro ice maker. Save 30% on power & up to 100,000 litres of water per year. lab-bucket-00115.jpgChewable slow melting nuggets are the perfect size and shape for bedside carafes. They mould easily for ice packs & cool quickly without bruising the patient. 

Manufactured in U.S.A.

Warranty: 3 years parts & labour, 5 years on compressor. 

  • Symphony Plus 12 Series Countertop Ice & Water Dispenser

  • E12FS425A-S Follett Symphony Series Plus Ice & Water Freestanding Dispenser

  • E25CI425A-S Symphony Plus Ice & Water Countertop Dispenser

  • E25FB425A-S Symphony Plus Ice & Water Freestanding Dispenser

  • E50CI425A-S Symphony Plus Ice & Water Countertop Dispenser

  • E50FB425A-S Symphony Plus Ice & Water Freestanding Dispenser