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Larger Self-Contained Ice Makers for Bars, Restaurants and Cafes

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Ice-O-Matic's Self-Contained Cube Ice Makers are perfect for any restaurant, cafe, bar, pub or club. The most common style of ice used worldwide to keep your beverage chilled! The ICEU225 and ICEU305 have been sold to countless burger chains, juice and smoothie bars around Australia.


Self-Contained Cube Ice Maker Features

  • Production capacity from 96kg up to 136kg per 24hrs
  • Storage capacity from 32kg up to 44kg
  • Available in full and half cube
  • No side clearance required, as air is drawn in and exhausted from the front
  • Harvest Assit 
  • Electro-mechanical controls
  • Can be installed on castors bringing height down to 870mm
  • Perfect for restaurants, bars and cafes
  • Warranty: 3 years parts & labour
  • Made in USA

Click here to view Ice-O-Matic's Self-Contained Cube Ice Maker range or contact Coast for more information.

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