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Water Filters for Healthcare Applications

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When it comes to determining which water filter is best suited to your ice machine in a healthcare application, such as a hospital or aged care facility, you cannot ignore our NEW CD500B Bacterial-Retentive In-Line Water Filter System!


                                                            CD500B             vs.             CD60B

Benefits of CD500B Bacterial-Retentive In-Line Water Filter System

  • Specifically designed to suit Follett's Symphony Plus Ice & Water Dispensers (12, 25 & 50 Series) in healthcare applications.
  • Produces cost-effective, high purity water for ice and drinking production.
  • Assembly includes:
    • Pall Kleenpak® Water Filter 
      • 0.2μm rated sterilizing-grade media - rugged, high performance self-contained filter capsules, designed for use in critical in-line water applications.
      • Validated according to industry standard test method (ASTM F838-15a), with complete retention of challenge organisms, such as Legionella.
    • Pall Profile® II Pre-Filter Cartridge
      • 1μm rated cartridge, with depth-style polypropylene membrane for high performance particle removal.
      • High efficiency pre-filtration ensuring removal of nutrient rich particulates
      • Protective barrier for downstream sterilizing-grade filtration.

Another option is our CD60B Water Filter System. This system is a single cartridge, sediment only system, suitable for all ice machines in healthcare applications. They are designed to reduce dirt, rust and other solid particulates. Chlorine is purposely not removed in this filter, as it acts as a sanitizer and disinfects the ice machine as the water runs through the ice machine. With a 5-micron nominal rating, the CD60B reduces harmful bacteria's, viruses and other microorganisms. 

Whether i's for a hospital, aged care facility, restaurant, cafe, fish market, supermarket, workplace or mine site, please make sure a water filter is fitted to your ice machine. Not only will it extend the life of your ice machine, it will also enhance the quality of ice.

Remember ICE IS FOOD.

Note: Warranty terms may be voided if a water filter is not fitted to your ice machine.

Contact Coast today for more information, or click here to view our range of water filters!

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