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Introducing the NEW UCG Self Contained Gourmet Ice Makers by Ice-O-Matic!

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Ice-O-Matic are in the process of superseding the ICEU Gourmet Ice Maker range (ICEU36, ICEU46, ICEU66, ICEU86, ICEU126, ICEU146 & ICEU206) and replacing with the exciting new UCG series.

The new range will be perfect for any restaurant, bar, club, pub, cafe or commercial kitchen.

There will be 6 new models with multiple ice production and ice storage capacities available.

ICEU36AS -- No Equivalent --
-- No Equivalent -- UCG105A
ICEU206AS -- No Equivalent --



UCG Features

  • 6 new models available
  • Removable air filter
  • Produces crystal, clear, long-lasting gourmet cubes
  • Space saving design
  • Constructed from sturdy, corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Contemporary, elegant design
  • Environmentally friendly R134A Refrigeration
  • Easily adjust the thickness of your ice from the front of the machine
  • Easy front access to ice
  • Warranty: 2 years parts & labour


For more information,  contact Coast today!

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