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What Is The Preferred Ice Type For Use In Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities and Physical Therapy?

What Is The Preferred Ice Type For Use In Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities and Physical Therapy?

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Ice is so much more than keeping your drink chilled and adding that "WOW" factor to a cocktail.

Ice is used every day in homes, hospitals, aged care facilities, laboratories and rehabilitation centres around the world. Not only is ice used to for reduce swelling, relieve pain and ease sore and aching muscles, it is also used to improve hydration. Ice is not only cheap and effective, but a simple and drugless method in relieving pain. 



  • Consumer-preferred style of ice
  • Soft, compressed nugget ice with a "chewable" texture
  • The perfect size and texture for patient care
  • Promotes hydration by making drinks more enjoyable
  • Provides smaller, softer ice to quench patient thirst when unable to consume liquids or solid foods
  • Easier and gentle on teeth
  • Minimises chance of choking
  • Forms well in ice packs, prociding excellent surface contact to reduce swelling and soothe pain
  • Perfect for physical therapy, medical storage and transport applications (e.g. transporting organs or vials).


  • Preferred ice for blood bank and clinical labs
  • High surface area, chills quickly and maintains samples at desired temperatures
  • Holds test tubes and lab vials securely, even when ice is melting
  • Moudable
  • Easy to chew

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