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Which Style Of Ice Is Right For You?

Which Style Of Ice Is Right For You?

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Are you looking to purchase a commercial ice machine and are not sure what style of ice is best? Aside from considering production rate and space, you must understand each style of ice has its own benefits and weaknesses. It is crucial you understand what type of establishment you have to identify the style of ice that best suits your requirements. 

Whether you own a fish market, restaurant, cocktail bar, hotel or a supermarket, the type of ice style you select can help save money, protect your precious produce or create the most elegant high end beverage.

There are 4 styles of ice: Gourmet, Cube, Chewblet and Flake.

GOURMET ICE Gourmet Ice also known as the Bistrot Cube is commonly used in restaurants, cafes, cocktail bars and fine dining establishments around the world. The unique, crystal-clear, hard, large, conical shaped cube melts slower, slowing the dilution rate whilst creating a delicious chilled beverage. Dimensions 34.5mm x 30.5mm x 29.5mm

CUBE ICE Fresh, crystal-clear, long lasting cube ice is one of the most common ice styles you will find in your beverage worldwide. The Ice-O-Matic cube cools drinks while preserving the flavour of every beverage. Suitable for restaurants, cafes, bars, convenience stores, bagging, hotels, mining sites, construction sites, workshops and fast food chains. Full Cube Dimensions 22mm x 22mm x 22mm

The Half Cube is more suitable for blending drinks (e.g. frozen cocktails or smoothies) due to its ability to break down and create a smoother finish. The half cube also works well with dispenser applications (e.g. hotels or mine sites). Dimensions: 10mm x 22mm x 22mm

Ice-O-Matic’s Grande Cube pairs nicely with any top shelf beverage (e.g. whisky or an elegant cocktail). The large format not only melts slower but appeals to drinkers with its unique appearance - it is nearly twice the size of the full size cube! The Grande Cube makes every sip seem classier and is the first step in creating a delicious, memorable and attractive cocktail. Dimensions 22mm x 29mm x 31mm 

CHEWBLET ICE Composed of uniformly shaped pieces of chewable compressed nugget ice. The unique, soft and chewable texture is craved by most customers. Its porous composition gives way to absorb the drinks flavour, leaving a flavourful crunchy treat after the drink is gone. The long lasting versatile style of ice is best suited for restaurants, hotels, fast food chains, beverage dispensing, healthcare (hospitals or aged care facilities), office spaces and fresh ice displays. Chewblet Ice Dimensions Approx 2.54cm long

Micro Chewblet is a smaller version of Chewblet ice. Its smaller size makes for a more chewable experience and is the perfect alternative to flake ice. Dimensions Approx 0.95cm long 


Granular Flake Soft, mouldable, irregular shaped pieces of ice that resembles snow. Ideal for both presentation and preservation of perishable food items (e.g. seafood, meat, poultry, vegetables and fruit) as it extends the shelf life and appearance. Flake ice also packs well and shields products against damage. Suitable for fresh ice displays, supermarkets, fisheries, bakeries, delis, perishable food transport and healthcare applications.

Subzero Flake ice is produced at -9 degrees producing small-medium sized shards of ice. Perfect for supermarkets, fresh ice displays and fisheries.