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Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine Cleaning and Maintenance

How to clean and maintain your Ice-O-Matic Machine! 


Symphony Plus Cleaning, Descaling and Sanitizing Video

Instructional video demonstrating the procedure for cleaning, descaling and sanitizing Follett's Symphony Plus Ice & Water Dispensers. 


Ice-O-Matic Elevation Launch and Fine Foods 2017 Highlights

On the 10th September 2017 Coast held the Australian Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series Product Launch at The Calyx in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. The launch was then followed by the Fine Foods Expo at the new Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre. Both events were a success and we look forward to next years show in Melbourne!


NEW Follett Symphony Plus Series

Follett ice and water dispensers allow you to provide fresh, filtered water with the added benefit of Chewblet nugget ice. The New Symphony Plus models are designed with sanitation in mind. Now includes automatic self-flushing of the ice machine removing any impurities.

Perfect for hospitals, aged care facilities, break rooms and cafeterias.


Fine Foods 2016 Highlights

See our highlights from the Fine Foods 2016 Expo in Melbourne! The show went over 4 days , 12th - 15th September at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. With over thousands of visitors it was another great successful year!


Introducing the NEW O3-Matic Ozone Delivery System 

The groundbreaking device from Ice-O-Matic infuses ozone into the incoming water line instead of using light systems or air movement devices that distribute the ozone around the ice machine. Ozonated water then flows through the water path killing microbes on every surface it touches and impeding future growth. It is subsequently frozen into ice. As the ice melts it carries the same sanitation benefits to the storage bin, dispenser and scoop. There are currently no other devices that use water to distribute Ozone.

The award winning O3 – Matic Ozone Delivery System ensures superior beverage quality with its effect against algae, mould, mildew, yeast, bacteria growth and viruses.

Suitable for modular cube ice makers only. 


How Subzero Ice Is Made...

Produced at -9 degrees from a static vertical evaporator. Available as Evaporator Only or Including Refrigeration. Shipboard saltwater model also available. Available in multiple capacities ranging from 400kg up to 50 tonne. Perfect for seafood, meat processing, poultry, supermarkets. chemical and mining applications.  


NEW Horizon Elite by Follett!

The new award-winning Horizon Elite ice machines have a revolutionary new water management design that significantly reduces operating costs and saves water. 


Follett Ice Pro Bagger Benefits 

Why you should choose the Follett Ice Pro Bagger!

Contact your sales rep for an AUD per bag cost price or email sales@coastdistributors.com.au


Fine Foods 2015 Highlights  

View our highlights from the 2015 Fine Foods Show, held in Sydney Olympic Park. Over 4 massive days! 20th September - 23rd September.  


Coast Distributors Ice Displays

Exclusive to Coast is our Auto Self Filling Ice Display. Auto-fill your ice display with out Maestro or Horizon Series Ice Makers. Suitable for salad bars, seafood, vegetable, drinks, meat and poultry displays. Pump ice up to 23m away!


Follett Symphony Series Ice & Water Dispensers: Descaling, Cleaning & Sanitizing

An instructional video on how to maintain your Follett Symphony Series Ice & Water Dispenser.