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1 Simple Step In Improving Employee Performance

1 Simple Step In Improving Employee Performance

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        Do your employees have access to clean and safe drinking water? Is accessing water from the kitchen sink a hassle? Do your employees seem fatigued or less attentive? Is the overall productivity and morale down in your workplace?

        Here is one EASY step in increasing your employee satisfaction and workplace hydration.


        1. Keep cool and entertained with Follett's signature Chewblet ice.
        2. Enjoy premium sparkling water at the press of a button.
        3. Drink chilled still water for pure refreshment.

        The Follett Ice & Water Dispensers are available in multiple models and configurations suitable for offices, boardrooms and workplaces. Whether they are placed on a counter or on a base stand, they are simple to use with a one-touch sensor button.  View range here


        For the more extreme workplaces such as construction or mine sites, our Ice Dispensers are the perfect solution in keeping your employees hydrated, cool and refreshed. View range here


        REMEMBER, hydrated workers are more productive workers! Here are some benefits of workplace hydration:

        • Happier Employees
          • Dehydration can increase feelings of fatigue and lower employee morale
        • Improve Work Productivity
        • Improve Physical and Mental Performance
        • Relieve Headaches
        • Offset Potential Safety Risks
          • Dehydration can lead to reduced concentration. For anyone operating machine or driving a vehicle, a lack of concentration can be extremely dangerous