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Ice Is Food - Nobody Likes Dirty Ice! Part 1

Ice Is Food - Nobody Likes Dirty Ice! Part 1

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Are you struggling to maintain the cleanliness of your ice machine?

Is your ice dirty?

For some reason, countless operators let their cleaning schedules slide. We then get countless phone calls and emails complaining their ice machine isn't working. We wonder why? Improper ventilation and water filtration, and dirty components all impact the functionality of your ice machine. It will not only decrease the efficiency of the ice machine but also support the growth of harmful bacteria.


This is a blocked condenser, dirty splash curtain and a filthy water filter that has not been changed regularly. 

Remember ICE IS FOOD and should be treated as such!


They should look more like this...

Here are 6 key concepts in reducing the risk of ice contamination:

1. Selecting the right ice machine that is suitable to your business

2. Selecting an ice machine that is easy to clean

3. Planning the location of your ice machine carefully

4. Providing staff training

5. Implementing strict hygiene practices

6. Scheduling a monthly, quarterly or yearly maintenance

8 Useful Tips in Delivering Cleaner and Safer Ice:

1. Clean your ice machine. Organise a monthly, quarterly or yearly maintenance program on your Ice-O-Matic, Follett or Grant ice machine. 

2. Make sure your ice machine has a water filter system and the filter cartridge is changed regularly. Coast has water filters to suit all ice machines and specific requirements.

3. Select an ice machine that is easy to clean. The new Elevation Series by Ice-O-Matic has an all plastic food zone eliminating the need to clean hard nooks and crannies. No special tools required so the wipe down is effortless! All plastic parts in the ice zone are easy to remove and dishwasher safe. The Elevation Series also have a simple One-Touch Cleaning System!

4. Eliminate the need to scoop ice with Follett's DEV and Ice Transport Systems. You can now handle cube and Chewblet ice in a sanitary manner with a "first ice in, first ice out" design that ensures clean and fresh ice every time! Gravity drops ice into carts, totes, esky's or ice bags, without the need to handle ice.

5. Eliminate the need to scoop ice with Follett's Ice Pro Baggers. Exceptional sanitation and safety for food service operations! Self-contained, hands-free dispensing system minimises the potential for ice contamination.

6. Eliminate the need to scoop ice with Ice-O-Matic's Ice Dispensers. User friendly push to dispense operation, eliminating the need to handle ice!

7. Eliminate the need to scoop ice with Follett's Ice & Water Dispensers. With the touch of a button, Chewblet ice and water are dispensed minimising cross contamination. You are also eliminating contact between the cup and the dispenser. An efficient and attractive way in getting cleaner and safer ice!

8. Automatically fill your beverage dispenser, ice display or ice well using RIDE Technology (transporting ice through a tube). Ice is manufactured and delivered without any human contact. The ice also makes no contact with dirty buckets or other receptacles during transport. Coast has multiple ice machines that can be used with RIDE Technology!

If you require any further information on when you should clean your ice machine, how to clean your ice machine or information on any of our products, please contact Coast Distributors today via our Contact Us page