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How To Use Ice In Cooking!

How To Use Ice In Cooking!

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For all the mixologists and food lovers out there, you will understand how important ice can be. You could say ice is the most essential ingredient in any cocktail; however there are so many additional purposes a simple ice cube can provide.

As any chef will tell you, ice is for more than just cocktails (Morocco, 2016, Bon Appétit). You will find an ice machine in nearly every restaurant kitchen and this is how the top chef’s utilise ice in their food preparation:

  • Making vegetables crunchy by preserving the snap of a green bean
  • Safeguarding the texture of a sauce by emulsifying a vinaigrette or aioli
  • Preserving that gorgeous fish
  • Aerating a coffee drink, creating smoothness and rounding out the bitterness of the coffee
  • Crystallising into any number of refreshments, bringing character and theatre to beverages
  • Creating the chilliest and most theatrical desserts

It’s basically free, so why not make the most of it?

Morocco C, 2016, “Cooler Than Being Cool: How to Cook With Ice”, Bon appétit

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