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What is Chewblet Ice?

What is Chewblet Ice?

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      Chewblet Ice                                                        Micro Chewblet

Chewblet Ice is composed of uniformly shaped pieces of chewable compressed nugget ice. The bite-sized nuggets measure approximately 2.54cm long (Micro Chewblet also available approx 0.95cm long). The long-lasting, soft, crunchy texture has become the preferred style of ice amongst consumers around the world. Its porous composition gives way to absorb a drink's flavour, leaving a flavourful crunchy treat once the drink is gone.

Suitable for:

- Hospitals

- Aged Care Facilities

- Hotels

- Restaurants

- Convenience Stores

- Other Healthcare Applications, such as physiotherapy

- Office Spaces

- Business Firms

- Beverage Dispensing Applications

- Ice Displays

- Blending

Ice Machines that produce Chewblet Ice:

7/15 Ice & Water Dispensers

Symphony Plus Ice & Water Dispensers

Maestro Plus Ice Machine

Self-Contained Maestro Ice Machine

Horizon Elite Ice Makers

Chewblet Ice makes all beverages more enjoyable and promotes hydration!