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What is R.I.D.E Technology?

What is R.I.D.E Technology?

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RIDE - "Remote Ice Delivery Equipment" 


RIDE Technology automatically delivers clean Chewblet ice to drink stations, storage bins, jockey boxes through an insulated transport tube. This unique, creative, ice delivery solution is exclusive to Follett, providing customers with improved aesthetics, cleaner dispensers, and enhanced customer experiences.

Improved Aesthetics

When using RIDE technology, less catering equipment is in view. The ice machine can be located under a counter or in another room, up to 22m away. The additional space can be used to reduce clutter and to allow for more advertising space. You are left with a classier, cleaner space, with an ice machine out of view.

Cleaner Dispensers

With the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, sanitary ice is more important than ever. Relocating the ice machine from a dispenser gives full access to the ice storage area. This eliminates the expense of removing heavy ice machines when the dispenser needs cleaning and allows for more thorough sanitising of the ice storage area.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Automatically filling the beverage or ice dispenser, eliminates manual filling and the interruptions it causes customers. It also removes heat and noise from the fountain area. Scheduled maintenance can be performaed out of view, allowing the dispenser to be used without disruption.

Chewblet Ice - EXCLUSIVE to Follett

The "chewable" texture is favoured among customers and matches the performance of cubed ice. Chewblet ice melts at a similar rate and performs the same on a cold plate, while also lowering drink costs with a superior drink displacement.

Take your ice for a RIDE with Follett!

For more information on RIDE technology, please view video here

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